BEF Idea Lab

We are extremely excited about Idea Lab and think you will be too! Please take a few minutes to view a video describing this grant initiative.


Education has changed markedly in recent years. New research provides insight into how children learn. New tools provide opportunities to teach differently. The BEF Idea Lab seeks to promote the 21st Century classroom by inviting Brookline educators to apply for funding to develop and implement innovative teaching practices.

2016-17 marks the 5th year of the Brookline Education Foundation Idea Lab Initiative. This year, the BEF funded 11 Idea Lab grants of up to $1,000 each for teachers looking to implement innovative teaching practices in their classrooms. The grant program was designed with a quick turnaround in mind: teachers applied for grants in November, found out about their awards in December, and now are implementing their projects across the school district. 

For a full list of all previously funded Idea Lab Grants click here.







Jake Barrett, Special Education

Provide funds for 6 under desk cycles for use in a special education phyics class where over 50% of the students are on an IEP. 


Ben Conlon, 4th grade

Funds will purchase a build-your-own go-kart kit and solar batteries which will then be built in the 4th grade classroom, utilizing design, engineering and science skills.


Heidi Cook, Principal

BEF funds will provide stipends for 10 teachers to establish a morning mentoring program for 10 students for the remainder of the school year.


Chari Dalsheim, 2nd grade

These funds will purchase materials and instruction for making hoola hoops in her second grade classroom. Involves math, design, physics, and fun!


Teresa Gallo-Toth, Librarian

Funds will purchase a Google Home device for the Sleeper Library. This tool, plus a subscription to Google Play, will expose users to voice search technology and add dimension to the library experience.


Tanya Gregoire and Matt Rosenthal, Enrichment and Challenge Support

This grant will provide funds to purchase the supplies needed to do a ECS unit on designing and making wearable techology in the 5th grade classroom.


Alison Hansel, Math Specialist

BEF will provide funds to purchase 50 copies of All American Boys (to be matched by the district) so that every adult in Pierce School can extend their work on the difficult conversations around race in Brookline.


Erica Joyce, 6th Grade and Special Education

Funds will purchase 10 wobble stools (5 regular and 5 teen size), 2 inflatable foot steppers, and 5 rocking foot steppers for middle school Social Studies classrooms. The idea is to make the kids more comfortable and normalize these tools in standard classrooms


Daniel Lipton, 2nd Grade

BEF funds will purchase Finale composition software for use in the classroom and in the music departments.  The software will record the notes played by a keyboard so that music scores can be provided to the participants.


Alison Manion, K-2 Music

The idea is to be able to live stream music classes and performances to parents that are unable to attend and create connection with other classrooms. The funds will purchase an Encoder which will extend existing cameras to allow live streaming.


Summer Williams, Performing Arts

For the Spring Play, BHS will put on a collection of one minute plays written by over 70 playwrights from across the country that are inspired by the current Civil Rights Movement. BEF funds will allow the productions to be FREE to the community.  Recipient of the Innovation Award.