Lawrence School

The BEF has partnered with Lawrence teachers and administrators for 35 years to advance their vision for Lawrence as a community that cultivates excellence in teaching and a passion for learning. BEF grants strongly support Lawrence School’s commitment to provide all students with the differentiation, support, and challenge necessary to achieve success.

Grant Highlights for 2016-17

Principal Rick Rogers shared the following about how the BEF is supporting Lawrence educators in his September 21st Principal's Corner:

"This summer, with the support of the Brookline Education Foundation, a team of Brookline educators, including ten of us from Lawrence School, participated in the “Building Learning Communities” conference sponsored by November Learning. This annual conference held in Boston attracts educators from all over the world.The three days were jam-packed with keynote speeches and workshop sessions that were at once inspiring and head-spinning.

Alan November, a leading thinker in the area of technology in schools and the author of such books as “Empowering Students with Technology” challenges us to utilize technology in a way that transforms schools and learning. He poses six questions he calls the “Transformational Six.”Two of these questions are: “Did the assignment develop new lines of inquiry?and “Are there opportunities for students to make their thinking visible?”  To read more, go to:  "

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