Pierce School

The BEF has partnered with Pierce School educators for over 34 years to advance their vision of a strong, equitable community and high achievement for all. BEF grants strongly support this vision and help to continuously improve the quality of education that Pierce students receive.

Grant Highlights for 2016-17

Tracy Bare and Amy Hintzman (7th/8th Science and Math) will continue their “teaching for understanding” work begun under a previous BEF grant and will develop a 7th/8th grade unit around “Essential Questions” relating to claims, evidence, and reasoning. They will present their work at the 2016 National Science Teacher’s Association Conference.

Educational Technology Specialist, Sandra Sicard, received an Idea Lab grant to purchase two "Dash and Dot" robot packs to use in teaching introductory programing skills to Pierce first grade students.

For a complete list of 2016-17 Pierce School grants, click here.

How the BEF has helped PE at Pierce

Amanda Grindstaff on BEF Grant "SPARK in Action" from Brookline Education Foundation on Vimeo. 

Also, Melissa London talks about how BEF grants enhance learning.

Awards Held By Pierce Educators

Ernest R. Caverly Award




Sheila Leach

Deborah D'Amico

Nancy Springer




BEF Parent Contacts at Pierce

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