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Once again, the BEF is extremely fortunate to have supporters running in the 2017 Boston Marathon with Team Brookline to raise money for the BEF and the Public Schools of Brookline.

We are thrilled to introduce our 2017 runners:


Shauna will be running in her first marathon. As both an athlete and an educator, Shauna knows well the hard work and stamina that goes into both training and teaching. As a Devotion parent, Shauna is excited to give back to the Brookline Schools through supporting the BEF. Please visit Shauna’s First Giving page for more details and to donate.


We are thrilled that Preble will be running for the BEF for a second time. As a Lincoln parent, Preble is eager to support the ongoing work of the Brookline Education Foundation. Please visit Preble’s First Giving page for more details and to donate.


Jon Karlen is a Heath parent and a first time marathoner.  We are excited that he will be running for the Brookline Education Foundation.  Please visit Jon’s First Giving page for more details and to donate.


BEF Board member and mother of three young children (the eldest of whom is at Driscoll), Nicole is running in her first marathon. Through her work for the BEF, Nicole has demonstrated her tremendous commitment to the teachers and students of Brookline.  Now she is taking that same commitment to her marathon preparation and fundraising.  Please visit Nicole’s First Giving page for more details and to donate.


Jeremy is a product of the Brookline Public Schools (Baldwin, Heath and BHS) and a current Runkle parent. His professional work as a rabbi, teacher, and administrator has inspired his fundraising efforts on behalf on the amazing teachers in Brookline.  Running in second marathon, Jeremy is thrilled to be part of Team Brookline. Please visit Jeremy’s First Giving page for more details and to donate.





On December 8, 2016 Brookline Booksmith had an author event of our own What Have I Learned? book, with four Caverly Award winners reading excerpts of their speeches. You can still purchse copies of our book at Brookline Booksmith and at Amazon here

On the same day Paris Creperie in Coolidge Corner donated half of all of their proceeds to the BEF.  Thank you to all of our donors and friends who ate at Paris Creperie that day!

Thank you again for your support of the Brookline Education Foundation and the Public Schools of Brookline.

BEF Honors Teachers

Janice Gaudette and Jill Sifantus, the 2016 recipients of the BEF’s prestigious Ernest R. Caverly Awards for Excellence in Teaching, were honored on May 10th during the BEF’s annual Celebrating Teachers event at Newbury College. 

Yoga in the Classroom

Yoga improves concentration, enhances focus and directs energy in positive ways. Many Brookline teachers, seeing the benefits of yoga in their own lives, have incorporated yoga into their day-to-day classroom practice. During the last three summers, the Brookline Education Foundation funded attendance by four Brookline teachers at yoga retreats for educators at the Kripalu Institute, the nation’s premier yoga retreat center.