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The Brookline Education Foundation has a long history of supporting Brookline High School’s tradition of extraordinary achievement and cutting edge innovation. For over 37 years, we have partnered with BHS educators to continuously foster student accomplishment across a broad spectrum of endeavors, in and beyond the classroom. 



Jennifer Jaruse (Learning Center/Math Co-Teacher)
Courses to Support Students with Varying Abilities and Identities

Ms. Jaruse will take several online professional learning courses to expand her knowledge of the intersectionality of students with varying abilities and students who identify as Trans or gender non-confirming. Her goals in extending her knowledge on these topics, are to provide appropriate support to these students and share her findings with colleagues and BHS families.

Grace Wang (Math and Computer Programming)
Shoshanna Kostant (Math and Computer Programming)
A Study into the Art of Cryptography

Ms. Wang and Ms. Kostant will enroll in a three-week summer course at Harvard University entitled Introduction to the Art of Cryptography in order to increase their understanding about the history and modern techniques used in this field. The plan to bring their learning back to their SNAP! And Python programming classrooms so their students’ will gain insights into modern internet security. 

 Donna Sartanowicz (Visual Arts, Brookline High School)
AP Art and Design Summer Institute

Ms. Sartanowicz will attend the AP Studio Art Summer Institute at the Taft Educational Center to refresh her own teaching practices and learn about recent changes to the AP Studio Art Exam so she may better prepare BHS AP art students who intend to take the exam. The workshop will help to make sure that art courses at BHS are aligned with the new exam structure.

David C. Petty (Computer Science, Grades 9-12, Brookline High School)
Participation in SIGCSE 2020

The SIGCSE (Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education) conference is the premier national conference for computer science educators. Mr. Petty will attend this three-day conference in order to learn about the latest, best practices for computer science education for the District. Participating in this conference will help Brookline as it looks to enhance its computer science offerings across the K-8 grades and to build pathways to High School computer programming offerings.



Collaborative Grant for the 2020 American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference—The entire Occupational Development Department of the Public Schools of Brookline will attend the annual AOTA conference, which conveniently takes place in Boston. This is a rare opportunity for the entire department to participate in professional development that is specifically for their field, and allows the therapists to stay up to date on the latest clinical and educational practices, and evidence-based treatment and evaluation techniques.
BHS Participant: Kate Siegel (BHS, District)

DEEP/SRI Disruptive Equity Education 4-Day Seminar—Eight high school math teachers will participate in a seminar to gain knowledge about race, bias, and equity in anticipation of the creation of new, more equitable 9th grade math courses. After attending the seminar in the fall, the teachers will work together monthly to reflect on ways to bring what they learned to their classes and keep equity at the forefront of their teaching practices.
Particpants: Betty Strong, Julia Naimy, Joshua Paris, Lisa Rodriguez, Meghan Kennedy-Justice, Julie Padgett, Craig Friedland, Christine Shen

The High Tech High Approach—The Enrichment and Challenge Support Coordinator and the Coordinator of Career and Technology Education, along with two teachers will go to High Tech High School in San Diego to learn about the school’s use of project based learning, by a guided tour, classroom observations, and meeting with teachers and administrators at the school, in order to possibly bring back some ideas to Brookline Schools.
Particpants: Matthew Rosenthal (PK-8 ECS Coordinator), Britt Stevens (BHS Coordinator of Career and Technology Education), and two other teachers to be determined.

NCTM Boston Regional Conference—A group of 42 math teachers and specialists from every Brookline school will attend the National Council of Teachers of Math Regional Conference in Boston in the fall. In addition to networking, exchanging ideas, and learning about innovations in the field, this grant will allow math teachers across the District to collaborate with the goals of making the transition from middle school math to high school math more seamless.
BHS Participants: Julie Padgett (BHS Math Teacher), Danielle Rabina (BHS, Math Teacher), Lisa Rodriguez (BHS, Math Teacher), Debbie Winkler (BHS, Math Teacher), Chloe Woolever (BHS, Math Teacher), Julie Boss (Districtwide Math Specialist), Norma Gordon (Districtwide Math Coach)

BHS Science Teachers to National Science Teachers Association National Conference—The majority of the high school science department will attend the premiere science teacher professional development conference across all disciplines of science, which will take place in Boston, to bring back new ideas for labs, student-centered learning, and the latest research for their students. This grant will also allow teachers more collaborative time so that they may work together across grade levels.
Participants: Meaghan Cells, Briana Brown, Catherine Wolf, Liz Crane, Alison Crocker, Jasmine Juo, Sarah Hemphill, Brad Kozel, Heather Giblin, Julia Mangan, Kate Wooley-Brown, Tyler Wooley-Brown, Mary Angione, Erin Wallace, Jennifer Spencer, Aubrey Love, Julia Speyer, Lexi Murphy, Parul Matani

Middle and High School Book Clubs—A group of Middle School and High School English teachers will attend the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project’s Institute on Book Clubs, to explore and plan for powerful book club instruction. By having teachers from both the Middle Schools and the High Schools, this will allow for a better transition for students in English, and will improve the level of instruction in this increasingly popular method of teaching close reading and analysis.
Participants: Eric Colburn (BHS), Evan Mousseau (BHS), Rachel Hayashi (Middle School Literacy Coach, Runkle and Heath), Dianne Muendel (Middle School Literacy Coach, Lawrence), Jennifer Redburn (Middle School Literacy Coach, Driscoll), Jennifer Sanders (Middle School Literacy Coach, CCS) 

Project based Learning: Professional Development WorkshopA cross-section of disciplines at Brookline High School, including Social Studies, Science, Math, English, and Career and Technology Education, are increasingly interested in having classes become more project-based and inquiry-based. This grant will allow teachers to better learn how to incorporate project based learning successfully, and will allow more teachers at the high school to have a common language and understanding, collaborate across disciplines, and support one another.
Participants: Stephanie McAllister Poon (Social Studies), Sarah Shuster (Social Studies), Scott Barkett (Social Studies), Marcie Miller (Social Studies), Jennifer Longmire (Social Studies), Sam Dickerman (Social Studies), Sam Dreyfus (Social Studies), Jen Martin (Social Studies, SWS), Juliette Rorie (Social Studies, ACE), Julia Mangan (Science), Kate Wooley-Brown (Science), Jennifer Spencer (Science), Tyler Wooley-Brown (Science), Jason Tong (Science),  Graciela Mohammedi (Science), Stacy Kissel (Science), Andre Derrien (Science), Julia Rocco (English), Amy Morrissey (English), Elon Fischer (English), Jen Rosewood (English), Eric Coburn (English), Julia Naimy (Mathematics), Josh Paris (Mathematics), Kathy Hitchcock (Mathematics), Adam Fried (Mathematics), Betty Strong (Mathematics)

READ Institute for Competency Based, Trauma Sensitive Teaching and Assessment—A team of BHS teachers will attend training with the REAL Institute at Boston Day and Evening Academy, which will strengthen the teachers’ knowledge about competency based learning, especially as it relates to students who have experienced trauma in their lives. The teachers, who work in a number of specialized programs at the high school, including Winthrop House and ExCEL, will have a chance to work and learn together to help the students with high needs in the safest and most supportive ways.
Participants: April Zyirek (Special Education Coordinator), Owen Minot (Program Coordinator, Winthrop House), Joslyn Vendola (Special Educator, ExCEL), Jennifer Jaruse (Special Education, SLC)


 Linda Kelly (Pathways Psychologist)
The staff of Pathways will create executive function tool boxes for students in their program.


BHS educators will also benefit from the following Systemwide Grants: 

Educational Excellence and Equity: Seeding, Feeding, and Cultivating Cultural Proficiency in Our Schools

With research that was conducted about course recommendations, transitions between middle and high school, and the desire to increase equitable practices in Brookline, the Office of Teaching and Learning has developed a plan to improve equitability in thought and practice in today’s classrooms. The Senior Director of Educational Equity will design and deliver a twelve-hour Cultural Proficiency course to all PSB teachers, which will be rolled out in several phases over three years, all Public Schools of Brookline principals will be trained, and in the first full year 25 educators will be trained to then teach fellow teachers. The course will address issues such as how to understand racial identity development, cultural mismatch, racial microaggressions, and how stereotype threats can impede learning.

Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) Training

The Senior Director of Educational Equity and the Director of Professional Development will attend the SEED training in Boston so that the Office of Teaching and Learning can better support the growing number of SEED professional learning groups in the schools.

Teacher Learning By Teachers for Teachers

The Brookline School District will engage teachers who have received professional development grants to brainstorm the best ways to share their ideas, gained knowledge, and best practices with one another. District administrators and teachers will work together to create an event that will highlight the positive commitment of the PSB educators, which will potentially culminate in an event that will be open to all educators in the District.

Reading Between the Lines: Equity, Reading and Early Intervention

 In its desire to support the increasing number of students with learning disabilities, the District will train a team of teachers at all elementary schools in a variety of reading interventions to support struggling readers specifically with their disabilities. This will increase the number of teachers with specialized literacy knowledge, will help more students, and will allow teachers who are currently employed in the District to be the experts, rather than hire specialists from outside the District for these students.

Grants for 2018-19

In 2018-19, eight BEF grants will support Brookline High School teachers and specialists in subjects including english and performing art.

The BEF has a long history of supporting BHS educators. English Department Head, Mary Burchenal highlights how BEF grants have influenced her teaching career. Her talk continues here.

An article published by the Harvard Graduate School of Education critiqued a four-year BHS initiative to improve literacy-focused instruction, the Content Reading Initiative, which the BEF helped to fund.

For a complete list of 2018-19 BHS grants, click here.  

Awards Held By BHS Educators

For a list of awards held by BHS educators, click here.

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