Margaret Metzger Fellowship Call for Proposals

Deadline: March 1, 2019 at 5 PM

“In education, I do not find answers, but I do find questions worthy of a lifetime of thought.” - Margaret Metzger’s 2005 Caverly Award Speech  

Margaret Metzger was an award-winning English teacher at Brookline High School for over forty years. She also mentored hundreds of new teachers through BHS’s Teachers Mentoring Teachers Program and the Graduate School of Brown University.  With students and colleagues, Margaret explored writing as a means of discovery, and she encouraged teachers to write about their lives in the classroom. She believed that through honest, reflective writing, teachers could make sense of the experience of teaching.  She also practiced what she preached; one of her several published essays,  “Maintaining a Life,” is used in teacher education and mentoring programs and passed around teachers’ lounges and online. Margaret’s frank descriptions and ideas about her life as a teacher reassured and inspired teachers in Brookline and across the country, challenging assumptions about what teaching means.

The Brookline Education Foundation (BEF) is sponsoring the Margaret Metzger Fellowship in Margaret’s honor. In 2018, the program will support six educators from the Brookline School System (pre-k to 12), who will be designated “Margaret Metzger Fellows,“ to write about their lives in the classroom. They will receive a stipend over the summer, meet five mornings at the end of June 2018, continue to work independently/with guidance over the summer, and share their pieces at a public celebration on September 14, 2018. In the summer meetings, they will workshop an essay or article about their practice, collaborating with each other and a coach. The six Fellows will finish their pieces in July and all will share their work at the event in September. In this way, the BEF hopes to honor Margaret Metzger’s commitment to writing and her passionate belief that teachers need to share their stories about the complicated, messy, and powerful work of classroom teaching.

The stipend for this project will be $1000 for each participant. Applicants should be employees of the Public Schools of Brookline who work in classrooms (including classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, specialists, administrators who also teach, etc.). New and veteran teachers are encouraged to apply. Margaret believed strongly in encouraging all teachers, novice to expert, to reflect and share their work.



Application Deadline: March 1, 2019 at 5 PM

Applicant Notification: March 11, 2019

Workshop Dates/Times:  July 8-12, 2019 (9-12 AM)

Community Event: Fall 2019 Specific date TDA

Stipend: $1000.00 for each Fellow


To apply, send the following information in a word document to the BEF at :

  • Your Name:                                                               
  • Email Address:            
  • Phone:
  • Current Position in Brookline Public Schools:                       
  • Years teaching in Brookline:
  • Total years teaching: 

To help us understand why you are applying, please answer the following three questions (200-400 words per question):

  1. How does this opportunity to write and reflect fit into your personal and/or professional goal?
  2. The Margaret Metzger Fellowship requires collaboration with other writers. What unique experiences or talents do you bring to collaborative work?  What challenges and rewards are presented by working collaboratively on written essays? 
  3. Margaret believed that writing is a journey. Where do you think this Fellowship might take you? What specific aspects or experiences might you explore in the classroom?  What questions do you have about your life in the classroom? (You will not be held to writing about these particular subjects.) 
The Margaret Metzger Fellowship Committee:  Barbara Kleeman, John Andrews, Katie Bacon, Dianne Muendel, Abby Erdmann, Abby Cox, Amy Deutsch, and  Elizabeth Ascoli

For more information, please contact John Andrews: