35th Anniversary Gift

"A Gift of Music" to the Brookline School Community 

The Performing Arts Department of the Public Schools of Brookline, involving all music teachers under the leadership of K-12 Curriculum Coordinator Kenny Kozol, has been awarded the Brookline Education Foundation's 35th Anniversary Gift.

Throughout the school year, students will benefit from “A Gift of Music.” World-renowned composer and conductor Jim Papoulis has been commissioned to create original songs with and for Brookline students, K-12.

The songwriting process and outcome

During the 2017-18 academic year, Jim Papoulis is running songwriting workshops with students and music teachers from all 8 Brookline elementary schoolsand Brookline High School. The music is inspired by students’ thoughts about life in Brookline, hopes, and dreams. This enriching, community-building experience around music promises to inspire students, educators, and the greater community. 

Jim Papoulis and students will create a series of songs that come from, embody, and represent the spirit of the Brookline schools. 

  • A song for each K-5 elementary general music class will be composed. These songs will become part of Brookline's K-5 Performing Arts repertoire and curriculum.
  • An original piece composed through collaboration with grades 6-12 chorus, orchestra, band, guitar/ukulele, music production and general music classes. Students performed this musical piece on January 9th and 10th, 2018, at the All-Town Choral Concert (BHS Auditorium at 7pm, open to the public), accompanied by Jim Papoulis on the piano.

For its 35th Anniversary, the BEF is funding this musical project, recognizing that the Performing Arts department is an important and valuable part of the curriculum and provides alternative opportunities for students to explore and develop creative talents. While the BEF’s mission is closely tied to professional development for Brookline educators, BEF anniversary gifts to the PSB are not limited to professional development. 

About Jim Papoulis

Jim Papoulis is an internationally recognized composer, conductor, educator, and producer of music. He has a long career of creating original music with young people around the globe as well as elite music ensembles.

Among his many accomplishments, Mr. Papoulis has composed original pieces for and conducted their performances by children’s choirs at the 2008 US Presidential Inauguration, the 30th Anniversary of the Alvin Ailey Dance Company, the Papal Visit to New York City at Yankee Stadium, the Beijing Olympics, and the 2010 World Cup.

Jim Papoulis’s focus is always child/student-centered. Kenny Kozol, K-12 Curriculum Coordinator at the Public School of Brookline Performing Arts Department notes, “Jim creates songs from the beginning; he listens to their voices, their hopes, and their ideas.”

Jim Papoulis is a resident of Brookline and the parent of a Driscoll School graduate and current BHS student, and a BHS graduate. 

More at www.jimpapoulis.com

About the Public Schools of Brookline Performing Arts Department

The Public Schools of Brookline provide education to pre-school through Grade 12 students in eight elementary schools and one comprehensive high school. The PSB community includes 7,700 students and more than 600 teachers.

The Performing Arts Department includes music, drama and dance teachers under the leadership of K-12 Curriculum Coordinator Kenny Kozol. The Department creates an educational community that engages students in comprehensive and challenging opportunities in the performing arts. Brookline students are developing the ability to live in and contribute to a diverse global community in which the performing arts play a vital role in creating cultures and building civilizations. 

The school district provides essential resources including highly qualified faculty, instructional time during the school day, instructional materials, equipment and appropriate facilities. The Performing Arts Department believes that all students can experience the joy of creating and the self-confidence that comes from the development of skills and the process of performance.