Calls for proposals for both Teacher and Collaborative Grants are distributed in December. The BEF, in partnership with the Office of Teaching and Learning, will offer grant writing workshops prior to the filing deadline for teachers who wish to apply. BEF Teacher and Collaborative Grants Committees, which consist of Brookline educators and BEF Board members, determine all funding. Applicants are notified of decisions in mid-April. All work associated with these grants should take place between July 1, 2022 and June 31, 2023. If you were awarded a Teacher Grant in the past but were unable to complete your grant due to the pandemic, you are eligible to reapply.

See the Grants Calendar for workshops, deadlines and other important dates.

Apply for Collaborative Grants

BEF Collaborative Grants are designed to promote cooperative efforts across disciplines, across grade levels, and among schools. This category of grants enables the BEF to bring the core value of Collaborative Relationships to the forefront by promoting opportunities for professional teamwork and cooperative learning throughout Brookline. Collaborative Grants are funded up to $20,000 per grant. Applicants seeking funding for projects with budgets $8,000 or above are required to submit a Concept Paper to assess how well their proposal fits within the BEF grants program. If the application budget is under $8,000, the concept paper is optional but encouraged as it typically helps with the success of the grant.

1. Call for proposals

Information for applying teachers

More Information

2. Concept Paper

Optional, but recommended for all; due January 31, 2022

Required for budgets of $8,000+

We’re sorry! The deadline for submitting applications was 3/7/22.

3. Application

Download, Complete & Upload to the BEF by March 7, 2022 at 5pm

We’re sorry! The deadline for submitting applications was 3/7/22.
We’re sorry! The deadline for submitting applications was 3/7/22.

4. Evaluation

Link to evaluation form once the grant is completed
Link to evaluation form

5. Grant Examples

Recently awarded collaborative grants

5. Acknowledgment

If your grant is funded by the BEF, we ask that you recognize our support by including a short acknowledgment on any printed grant materials or online documentation. Thank you!

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