The BEF is Hiring!


The Brookline Education Foundation has an opening for the Associate Director position.

The BEF is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Brookline’s commitment to excellence in public education. The BEF raises private funds to support innovative teaching, administrative leadership, professional development, and community participation in the schools. The Brookline Education Foundation brings together educators and private donors to support the mission of the Public Schools of Brookline, which is to ensure that every student develops the skills and knowledge to pursue a productive and fulfilling life, to participate thoughtfully in a democracy, and succeed in a diverse and evolving global society.  Not only does the BEF enrich the lives of our students, but it also strengthens the Brookline community, today and in the future.

The BEF offers grants to teachers and administrators for professional development, hosts community events and programs, rewards excellent teaching and administration and raises money to accomplish all of these goals.

The Associate Director works very closely with the Executive Director in all aspects of the foundation administration, including

  • Fundraising
  • Communication
  • Finance
  • Working with and communicating with the Board of Directors
  • Working with and communicating with the teachers and administrators of the Public Schools of Brookline

If you are interested in learning more or applying, please contact Elizabeth, at