The BEF is looking to support Brookline educators who want to offer innovative, authentic, hands-on learning opportunities to their students this academic year. 

IDEA LAB grants will fund up to $1,000 per teacher to teachers who want to execute ideas for experiential, original, interdisciplinary learning. In addition, the BEF awards an Innovation Catalyst Award (additional $500!) to one Idea Lab grant to take your ideas even further!

This grant will be awarded in November, and the work must be completed and implemented during the current 2022-23 academic year. Here’s your chance to get some support around a spark of an idea you may be having right now!

See the Grants Calendar for workshops, deadlines and other important dates. Information on prior Idea Lab projects can be found Here.

1. Call for proposals

Information for applying teachers

2. Application

Online application – submit to the BEF by November 4, 2022.

3. Evaluation

When your grant has been completed, please fill out the evaluation form, and upload any photos or videos you may have of your project.

4. Acknowledgment

If your grant is funded by the BEF, we ask that you recognize our support by including a short acknowledgment on any printed grant materials or online documentation. Thank you!