In a year like no other, what can you, as teachers, do to help students make sense of all that is going on?

You can apply for an IDEA LAB GRANT from the BEF!

Do you have a new idea of how to get your students engaged in the world around them? Have you been percolating an idea about incorporating issues of the day and getting your students more actively involved? This is the place for you.

IDEA LAB grants will fund up to $1,000 to teachers who want to execute ideas for helping students engage in the world around them.

Depending on the age of your students, these projects could range from kids examining their local environment, creating something for the community, cleaning up a park, or perhaps, with older students, investigating and engaging in civics or social justice issues.

See the Grants Calendar for workshops, deadlines and other important dates.

1. Call for proposals

Information for applying teachers

More Grant Information

2. Application

Online application – submit to the BEF by November 6, 2020.

Applications are Closed

3. Evaluation

In May, you will be asked to document your Idea Lab grant by a short video or powerpoint presentation. Email presentation to

4. Acknowledgment

If your grant is funded by the BEF, we ask that you recognize our support by including a short acknowledgment on any printed grant materials or online documentation. Thank you!

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