On May 4, 2008, the Robert I. Sperber Award for Administrative Leadership was presented to Dr. Robert Weintraub, Headmaster at Brookline High School (BHS), during a festive program and reception held at BHS. Over 350 people attended the event. The program included entertainment by the BHS Testostatones and tributes by BHS faculty and students. In addition, thirteen friends and family members shared just what it is that they “like about Bob.”

Dr. Robert Sperber made the presentation to Dr. Weintraub. The Sperber Award, which is given every five years, honors an educator whose excellence in administrative management and strong leadership skills have brought notable improvement to the Brookline School System.

Brookline Education Foundation Executive Director Skye Kramer presented Dr. Weintraub with a proclamation from the Massachusetts State House of Representatives.

Following the program, a reception was held in the Brookline High School atrium. Among those assembled was the 2003 Sperber Award Honoree, Barbara Shea, former principal of the William H. Lincoln School. Also present were former Superintendents of Schools, Dr. James Walsh and Dr. Robert Sperber, and present Superintendent, Dr. William Lupini.

Bob Weintraub served as an administrator at Brookline High School for nineteen years; three as Assistant Headmaster, one as Acting Headmaster, and fifteen as Headmaster. According to colleagues, “he is an energetic leader who dreams big, who takes calculated risks, and who knows how to get things done in schools.” Under his leadership, Brookline High School experienced “dramatic and positive changes which have bolstered its reputation as a flagship public high school.” A BHS colleague noted that the quality that made Weintraub a powerful and effective leader was “his absolutely indefatigable spririt: he loves life, he loves kids, and indeed, he loves education because it’s the best way he knows to open doors to that life he loves.” The Brookline Education Foundation is proud to honor Bob Weintraub as the 2008 Sperber Award winner.

Dr. Robert Weintraub’s Acceptance Speech

photos by Ed Malitsky