The following additional methods of giving may have significant tax benefits for donors. Please consult your financial and/or tax advisor to determine the desired method of donation. Proposed gifts of real estate and charitable remainder trusts are subject to due diligence by the BEF before final acceptance can be assured.

  • Bequests to the BEF may be conveyed in a donor’s will as part of the disposition of his/her estate. It may be a specific amount or percentage of the estate, real estate, certain types of tangible property, or the remainder of a trust.
  • A donor’s Life Insurance policy may be assigned to the BEF, making the Brookline Education Foundation the beneficiary.
  • Gifts of real estate to benefit the BEF may be made by bequest or lifetime transfer. Once accepted, an outright gift of real estate will be sold, unless there is a special investment reason for holding it.
  • A donor also may establish a charitable remainder trust, which will provide an agreed-upon amount of income to the donor from the BEF’s investment of the asset. Prospective donors should consult with a financial advisor to determine the most appropriate trust plan.

For further information on giving opportunities, please contact the BEF at (617) 232-3846 or via email at