Thank you to our 2017-18 donors!

Presented in alphabetical order by gift level. We regret any errors and encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any questions about your gift.

$25,000 and above


Denise Jefferson Casper

Marc N. Casper

$10,000 – $24,999

The Trust Family Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999

Mary W. Harriman Foundation

American Tower Foundation

Jeffrey and Kimberly Kushner

Marilyn and Wyndsor DePetro on behalf of the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation

Kochi Family Foundation

$2,500 – $4,999

Brookline Bank

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Coolidge Corner Yoga

Justin Campbell and Lucy Chie

Tony and Kate Leness

J.P. Licks

Stephen Morrissey

Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP

David Pollak and Emelia Benjamin

Ian and Jennifer Roffman

Perry Stoll and Karyn Wang

Jeff and Kate Thibault

Paul Willen and Emily Dolbear

$1,000 – $2,499

Advantage Testing of Boston

David and Deborah Brooks

Matt and Catherine Burke

Michael and Krista Busnach

De Chen

Henry Chen and Elizabeth Ting

Chestnut Hill Realty Corp.

Brian Collins and Barbara Moran

Richard Connolly

Alicia D’Aloia

Yong Dong and Xianhua Pao

Eran and Yukiko Egozy

John and Stephanie Fan

David and Vinita Ferrera

Jeffrey and Rene Feuerman

Fidelity Foundation

Andrew and Iris Foley

Mark Gale and Wendy Zazik

Jeremy and Anna Gall

Tom Gallitano and Margaret Talmers

Jeff and Amy Glass

Glen and Rachel Goldman

Paul and Amanda Gordon

Seth and Rachel Kalvert

Steven and Pamela Katz

Jeremy Kindall and Brenda Sullivan

Kevin and Christina Knopp

Kevin Lang and Shulamit Kahn

Greg Lawrence and Katie Ryan

Rob and Margaret Lawrence

Evan and Amy Lieberman

Paul and Nicole Lipson

Andreas Liu and Rachel Wilson

Ron Lyberger

Dennis and Michele Mendoza

Branch Moody and Marisa Nucci

Nitish and Mneesha Nahata

Mark Pener and Katharine Bacon

Peter and Donna Pertel

Michael and Devon Powell

Gregg and Polly Ribatt

Robert and Sally Roth

Nicholas and Jennifer Rothstein

Marc Roudebush


Matt and Katie Sawatzky

Kay and Stanley Schlozman

Brian and Lisa Sheehan

John Plotz and Lisa Soltani

Bradford and Zoe Stoesser

The Koch Ellis Fund

David Weisner and Belinda Hsu

Anne Welch

Wellness in Motion

Michael Wexler and Rachel Levy Wexler

Peter and Kendra Wilde

Charles Yoon and Jenny Chu

Marc and Sarah Zimman

Robert and Molly Zuker

$500 – $999

Mark and Allie Allyn

David and Jill Altshuler


Peter and Lucy Ascoli

Bank of America

Mark Barnett and Katherine Gergen-Barnett

Doug and Sara Berkson

Ari and Shauna Betof

Boda Borg

Edward and Steffani Boudreau

Yun Bouquet

Robert Brainin and Nicola Kean

Mark and Kim Buckley

Bonnie Campbell

Central Cleaners

Jon Cohen and Nancy Donahoe

Stephen Condon and Dorothy Dowling

Mark Coven and Judy Levenson

Chad and Abigail Cox

Cypress Automat, Inc.

Dan and Amy Deutsch

Joseph Ditkoff and Susan Wolf Ditkoff

Chris and Melissa Dulla

Eastern Bank

Luise Erdmann

Brett Erickson and Elizabeth Ascoli

Staffan and Sarah Ericsson

Armin Ernst and Dayna Anderson

Jeffrey Fagnan and Maureen Fallon

Greg Fenton and Stephen Hilt

Josh and Brooke Fine

Florian Martial Arts Center, Inc.

John Freese and Wendy Wolf

David Friedman and Deborah Wexler

Daniel and Emily Friedman

Stephan and Charlotte Gaehde

Roger and Cindy Goldstein

Peter and Sarah Harris

Steve Herscovici and Tracy Bare

Steven Isakoff and Sherri Spear

Kunal Jajoo and Marguerite Brackley

Alexander P. Jaques and Jessica Shattuck

Marc and Sharon Jones

Richard Kazis and Jill Medvedow

Badar Khan and Masarath Haque-Khan

Dru Krishnan and Dascha Weir

Alan and Judith Leichtner

Frederick and Barbara Levy

John Liang and Phoebe Hyde

Longwood Dental Group

Dennis and Nancy Lynch

Ted MacLean and Joanne Liautaud

Charlton MacVeagh III and Julie Leitman

John Magee and Michelle McNiece

Coleman and Alice Mark

Robert Mast and Linda Carlisle

Michael and Mary McConnell

Timothy McCormack and Jean Mulder

Christian McMahon and Susan Fahmy

Chris Mears and Karen Katz

David Mendels and Leila Yassa

Nathaniel and Erin Meyer

MGS Group Real Estate

Hugh Moran

Martin Moran

National Development

Nicolazzo and Sons Landscape

Mark Norris and Alice Shin


Mike Offner and Lonna Steinberg

Bryan and Jean Olson

Kevin Orr and Elizabeth Boen

Alexander and Alison Packard

Jeffrey and Pamela Palmucci

Mark Pasternack and Judy Meyers

Steve and Kate Patterson

Josh and Caroline Pierce

Polkadog Bakery

John Porco and Kim Luzzi

Prairie Fire

Bruce and Ellen Richardson

Carmichael Roberts and Sandra Park

Gregory Rogers and Jenny Lam

Laura Rose

Joseph and Susan Rothstein

Rue La La, Inc

Marc Rysman and Michelle Ephraim

S&L Therapy

Rob and Chrysalyne Schmults

Adam and Florencia Segal

Kathleen Sheehy

Martha Sibert

Jeff Karp and Jessica Simonetti

Kristan Singleton and Stephanie Zierten

Robert Sitkoff and Tamara Scheinfeld Sitkoff

Robert and Jodi Sokoloff

Benjamin Stern and Karen Queen Stern

Jim and Susan Stockard

Committee to Elect Rebecca Stone

Tewksbury Dental Associates

The GE Foundation

The George H. Scanlon Foundation

Eugene Thompson

Michael Toffel and Erin Deemer

James and Dawn Tringas


Alex and Althea Waldron

Robert Weintraub

Wheelock College

John and Beth Winickoff

Adam Wise and Ann Starnbach Wise

Michael Wootton and Ana Maria Rosales

James and Melissa Wright

Steve and Ginger Yao

Yanhong Zhao

$250 – $499

Tony and Deb Abner

AIG Matching Grants Program


David Aronson and Dr. Lauren Handelman

Miriam Aschkenasy

Brian Bergstein and Gretchen Heefner

Andrew Bernstein and Jacqueline S. Shoback

Adrian and Petra Bignami

Michael and Dianne Blau

Alex Bockman and Phoebe Segal

Josephine Bouquet

Jean-Pierre Bouquet

Desmond Hall and Maria Brincker

Richard Brodsky and Cindy Tungate

Steven and Kim Brooks

Raphael Bueno and Kate Poverman

Joseph and Lisa Chan

Benjie Chen

David Clark and Mila Chun

Ellen Clegg and Ellen Zucker

Dean and Leslie Cohen

Steven M. Cohen and Susan Levin

Kevin Donahue and Kerry Costello

Andrew Bittner and Leigha Cuniberti

David and Kristina Daglio

Betsey Dalbeck

Sean Daley and Susan Helms Daley

Andrew Dankwerth and Alisa Busch

Martha F. Davis

Richard and Lori Day

Nada Despotovich Kane

Robert Donahue

David Fine

Taylor and Anna Fravel

Sandy Gadsby and Nancy Brown

Nat and Nancy Gardiner

Gus and Elizabeth Gardner

Michael Gleba and Jennifer Nadelson

Sanjay and Valerie Godhwani

The Golden Chickpea

David and Susan Gray

Gregory and Lisa Grobstein

Alejandro Guiterrez and Vonzella Bryant

Peter and Ashley Hanson

Timothy and Alida Hanson

Mitch and Beth Harris

Julie Heuberger

John F. Hodgman and Adele Pike

Chobee A. Hoy

Charlotte Hummel Harrison

Stephen and Amy Intille

Dan and Sarah Johnson

Adam Kahn and Kimberly Smith

Tim and Shalini Kasida

James Kaye and Kim Rubin

Alan Khazei and Vanessa Kirsch

Barbara E. Kleeman

Harry Kozakewich and Cornelia Andrus

Alexander and Jennifer Kozhemiakin

Ralf Kuriyel and Fiona Murray

TC Lau and Joyce Wong

Jonathan Leary and Carolina Abuelo

Andrew Leong and ChiChi Wu

Jonathan Levi and Kay Tanfield

Robert and Caroline Liao

Jeffrey Liebman and Eve Rittenberg

Gabriel Lopez-Calva and Olesya Baker

Andrew Lowenstein and Adrienne Fricke

Lower Coolidge Corner School Class 3A

Mark and Lisel Macenka

Peter Mancusi and Miranda Daniloff Mancusi

Juan Mandelbaum and Clara Sandler

Juan Marcos Hill and Nitzel Palacios

Craig and Julie Marcus

Vipin and Ranjana Mayar

Guy McPherson and Shannon Hedrick

Stephen and Tish Mead

Anthony and Elizabeth Meyer

Patricia Moran

Alan and Cecily Morse

Alan Mullen and Marian Harris

David Nalven and Jill Goldman

Willy and Lynn Osborn

Felipe Pait and Susanna Stern

George and Lori Papakostas

Giovanni Parmigiani and Francesca Dominici

Marc and Sarah Pasciucco

Nathan Peck and Jane Kaplan Peck

Craig and Bianca Peskin

Michael and Judy Platt

Scott Popkowski and Joseph Smith

Akiva Rabinovich and Blumit Shmolak

Ananth and Padmaja Raman

Michael and Toby Raybould

Scott Reid and Mary Chou

Alice Rossiter

Massimo and Farla Russo

Sean and Marcy Sacks

Meredith Saillant

Philip and Catherine Saines

Sheel and Aditi Saxena

Rob and Cathleen Schoen

Marcello and Molly Scippa

Barbara Scotto

Jeremy Segal

Jeremy and Jennifer Shapiro

Michael and Jennifer Shea

Sidharta and Jennifer Gangadharan

Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation

George Sopel and Sarah Gagan

Jeff and Alice Speck

State Street Matching Gifts Program

David Steinbergh and Corinna Pringle

Robert Stern and Gail Howrigan

Kevin Taback and Arden Reamer

Ben and Kate Taylor

Jeffrey and Nancy Teumer

Wayne Tworetzky and Jenifer Lightdale

Tom and Deanne Urmy

Stephen Walt and Rebecca Stone

Henry B. Warren and Cornelia W. Brown

Chris and Charla Whitley

Pieter Wolters and Ank Stuyfzand

Tengfei Wu

Molly Yancovitz

Jana Young

$100 – $249

Caitlin and Maureen Abber

Mark Allen and Stefanie Greenfield

Amazon Smile Foundation

David and Christine Ament

Brooks Ames and Mariela Guardia Ames

Amgen Foundation

Philip Dean Anderson and Sophie Broderick

Scott and Kate Anderson

Christopher and Dianne Arico-Muendel

Miguel Ariza

Jason Aroesty and Flavia Guerreiro

Pierre Azoulay and Andrea Zaff

James Bardin and Chris Chanyasulkit

Sandy and Molly Batchelder

Jeff Baum and Gulsun Gul

Heinrich Baumann and Hannah Parker

Steven Bedard

David Begelfer and Bette Ann Libby

Alex Benik and Rebecca Bermont

Naim and Sibel Benmayor

Lena Berc

Heidi Bergmeyer

Carl and Barbara Berke

Donald and Jane Bermont

Felipe Berrera and Katja Vinha

Marco and Devorah Bitran

Bob and Karen Blatman

Bernard and Heidi Blotner

Lisa Bodine

Harry Bohrs and Anne Turner

The Bonegios

Richard and Cecilia Bonnabeau

Sandip and Ruma Bose

Seamus Boshell and Jennifer Greene

Andrew Bott and Manju Vachher

Jason and Marina Bottiglieri

Edouard Bouquet

Genevieve Bouquet

Margaret Bourdeaux

James Liu and Alexandra Bowers

Chantal Boxer

Boylston Street Dental, LLC

Bob Brauns and Valerie Ball

Alan and Keiko Broomhead

Warren and Jamie Brower

Charles and Kathryn Brown

Michael Brown and Charlotte Mao

Michael and Ilene Bunis

Tracie Burns

Erin Cahill

Michelle Calarese

Nichole Calarese

Thomas and Sou Campbell

Michael and Erica Caplan

William Catlin and Julia Battel

Centre Pediatric Associates

David and Karen Chabon

Kin Chan

Suneer and Sejal Chander

Li Chen and Jocelyn Badele

Ka Ming Cheng and Diana Tsang

Alan Christ and Robin LeWinter

Margaret Chu-Moyer

Chee Yeun Chung

Carlo Ciatto

Jeffrey and Shannon Ciempa

JaZahn and An Chi Clevenger

Laurence and Katherine B. Cloud

Daniel and Amara Cohen


Greg Collins and Susan Dolphin

Joan Collins

Stephen Conlin and Anne Donohue

Laurence and Dorothy Conn

Alisa Conner

Walker and Jill Coppedge

Sara Coyle

David Danning and Nancy Wagman

John Danziger and Emma Reinhardt

Kenneth and Marion Davis

Steven Davis and Nick Peterson

David and Margaret DeBruin

Claudio Demb and Sonia Ufano

John Dempsey and Mary Scott

John Dencker and Ruth Aguilera-Dencker

Andy and Lan Dennie

Susan Detz

Dennis and Betsy DeWitt

Sam and Kha Dickerman

Christopher Dippel and Christine Santos

Frank Dobbin and Michele Lamont

John Doench and Catherine Wolf

Mary Dolbear and Gabriela Gonzenbach

Djems Domerson and Ginger Melton

Thomas Downes and Ann Velenchik

Keith Duclos and Kim Percival

John and Kathleen Duff

Kelly Dunham

Aaron and Meredith Dunn

Maria Dutra

Educational Advocates

Nicholas Edwards and Catherine Birdwell

Alice Ehrlich

Jacob and Hilary Elkins

Colleen Emmett and Emily Engeland

Charles Epstein and Melia Bensussen

Abby Erdmann

David and Joy Erwin

Families of 6S, Baker school

Melina Fan

Jeff Feldgoise and Danna Remen

Michael and JoAnn Feldstein

Richard Fink

Kevin Fitzgerald and Heidi Okamura

David Fleishman and Joanna Lieberman

James E. Fleming and Linda C. McClain

Peyton Fleming and Beth Daley

Cole and Derek Forrest

Brett and Ouida Foster

Alice Fox and Kristie Jochem

Jonathan and Donna Frankel

Brian and Maria French

Jeffrey Frieden and Anabela Costa

Frank Friedman and Sarah Kianovsky

Ronne and Irene Friedman

David and Nancy Fultin

Neil Gallagher and Naomi Mann

Suvranu and Kriston Ganguli

Yuval and Bonny Gilbert

John and Eizabeth Gilmore

Jeffrey Given

Steven Goldstein and Hui J. Deng

Will Goldthwait and Courtney Church

Deborah Good

Scott and Kathryn Goodof

Susan Gordon

Jeremy and Einav Goverman

James and Christina Grady

Paul Greer and Helen Macdonald

Keith Grove and Gene Thompson-Grove

Craig and Sylvia Hammond

Keith Hanson

Kevin Hanson

Carl and Mary Lou Hanson

Thomas Hantakas, Jr.

Edward and Kelly Hardebeck

David Breen and Michael Harrington

Leah Harsfield

Corey and Lynn Harwell

Tom Hauser and Bela Bashar

Eric Hazen and Sara Stoutland

Jason Hellendrung and Nicole Humbias

Laurie Goldman and Karen M. Henley

Jon and Morgan Herman

Ken Hertz and Sushma Boppana

Jun Ho and Mary Beth Son

Jessica Howard

Xiao Hu

Anna Hughes

Geoff and Jennifer Hunt

Sarah E. Idelson

Shigeru Iino

Rev. Joel and Florrie Ives

Mini Jacob

Tom Jehn and Janet McIntosh

John Hancock Financial Services, Inc.

Keith Johnson and Reisa Sperling

Christopher Kallaher and Claire Kaplan

Robert Kaplan

Mark and Kim Katz

Dan Keating

Aaron Kechley and Sarah Hammond

James and Hattie Kessler

Atif Khan and Janet Li

Daniel Kim and Bohyun Sarah Lee

Kenneth K. Kinsey Family Foundation

Birgit Knoechel

Surya and Mini Kolluri

Lisa Kovoor

Paul and Skye Kramer

Philip Kramer and Anna Asphar

Michael Kutka and Fiona Fennessy

Pavel Kyn and Sharon Jason

Yosef and Esther Landesman

Urban and Barbara Larson

Linda Leahy

Thomas Levenson and Katha Seidman

Ted Lewish and Lisa Stahl

Jonathan Li and Elaine Yu

Seth Lieberman and Julie Wingerter

Armin and Christine Lillienfeld

Robert and Deborah Lindeman

Steven Lines and Carey Goldberg

Scott Litwack and Colleen Jackson

Chiung-yun Liu

William Locke and Louise Riemer

Markus Lorenz

John and Linda Louie

Raymond and Theresa Lui

Howard Lurie

Thomas and Amy Luster

Shawn Luther and Kathryn McHugh

Sean and Karen Lynn-Jones

Bradley and Barbara MacDonald

James Maguire and Xiaofang Li

Thomas and Joan Mahon

Saibal and Riku Maitra

Megan Malarkey

Richard Maltz

Ronda Manassea

Jesse Mandell and Shira Davis

Laurie Mandell

Marc Marchiel and Maryam Asgari

Zsolt and Daria Mark

David and Alexa Martin

Manish and Kiran Maski

Nathaniel and Ashley Mason

Yano Mazlen and Rebecca Mautner

William McCormick and Yasuyo Iguchi

Gino McGabe

Scott McInturff and Pamela Roberts

Heather McMullan

Bianca Medina

Randolph Meiklejohn and Diane Sokal

Ivan Mercado and Alexandra Rengel

David and Carolina Tejedor Meyers

Marcie Miller

Vicki C. Milstein

Nicholas and Elizabeth Mindreau

Devraj and Lisa Mohanty

Michael Monroe and Lisa Underhill

Joshua Montgomery

Richard Moore and Maureen Danahy

Thomas Moran

Peggy Morrison

Bruno Bonacin Moura and Lidia Ana Zytynski

Lillian Moy-Yee

Sinan Muftu and Lynne Brum

Srini and Nancy Mukundan

Thomas and Mary-Elizabeth Mulligan

Matthew and Michelle Mund

Jordana Muroff

Emily Brooks Murphy

Sharon Murphy

Walter Mutter

Tobias and Alisha Nanda

Brad and Liora Nielsen

Michael and Chen Nir

Michael and Eileen O’Grady

Kate O’Connell

Richard Oh

Claudia Olivetti

Catalina Ortiz

Lisa Ortolani

Jon and Robin Orwant

Gerry Oster and Lydia Baumrind

Daviel Palestrant

Brett Panepento

Larry Panych and Chandlee Dickey

Joseph Parello

  1. Daniele Paserman and Anat Shaked Paserman

Aniruddh Patel and Jennifer Burton

Martha Pavlakis

John Payne

Rory Dela Paz and Jane Ellin

Chuck and Naomi Pearlman

Joel Pedlikin and Megan Poplowski

Adam and Michele Petryk

Jack Pirozzolo and Anne Depew

Susan Planert

Scott Plotnick and Melissa Hackel

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Pogorelec

Brian Poon and Stephanie McAllister

Mark Power

John Protopapadakis and Myrto Kontaxi

William Provost and Stacey Zelbow

Jonathan Purdy and Michele DiSerio

Thomas and Sarah Reed

Jon and Holly Reil

Kelly Renfroe

Matthew Revis and Mara Littman

William and Olivia Reyelt

Peter Rinning and Ruth Silverstein

Richard and Lucy Robb

Rochelle Robbins

Julie Ann Roberts

Lev Romm

Michael and Linda Roper

Adam and Joanne Rose

John Ross and Megan Sandel

Frederick Ruberg

Christopher Ruigomez and Emily Bruell

Peter Sacks and Debbie Jacobs

Sharon Sagiv

Josh and Natalie Saia

Dhanesh and Diana Samarasan

Ron Sandler and Emily Mann

Tony and Cilla Santiago

Andrew and Donna Santo

Mario and Rute Santos

Shruthi Saralaya

Dinkar Saran and Meenakshi Garodia

Ken and Maggie Sawada

Paul and Carolyn Sax

Johanna Schneider

Samuel and Sonia Schneider

Amy Schoenbaum

Philip and Tracy Schroeder

Dwight Schultheis

Aaron Schwartz and Tamar Winter

Jamesin Seidel

Deborah Zapolski Seremet

Ulises Serret and Melissa Miranda

Steven Shaffer and Heidi Wells

Dan Shea and Emma DeGregorio

Lena Sheehan

Howard Shen and Sarita Chung

Nathan Shpritz

David and Jamie Shushan

Stephen Silverman and Dr. Barbara Sisson

Jonathan Simpson and Marya Cohen

Bob Slavin and Marcia Hertz

Jackson Slomiak and Victoria Fung

Seymour Small and Joan Rachlin

Christopher and Georgia Smith

Kenn and Maria Soendergaard

Samuel Solomon

Faith Soloway

Michael and Emily Speicher

Jerome Spindel

Daniel and Olga St. Clair

Guy and Caroline Staff

Theodore and Carol Steinman

Ben Steverman, Inc.

Ezra and Laura Stillman

Rick and Beth Stram

Min Su

Eric Summers and Liz Zobel

Kian Tan and Sarah Luchansky

Fred Taub and Susan Cohen

Dmitry and Ashkhen Ter-Ovanesyan

David and Emily Terry

Matt Thaler and Marisa Segel

Sam Thompson and Megan MacGarvie

Nicholas and Joan Thorndike

Jordan and Lori Tishler

Tamyra Toole

Nicholas and Leslie Toulopoulos

Victoria Treece

Brian and Piper Treistad

John Triedman and Susan Hellerstein

Derrick Choi and Alice Tseng

Benjamin Turcotte and Lauren Bizarro

Chinwe Ukomadu and Emily Oken

Stewart Uretsky

Brett Vankoski and Rebecca Vieira

Tommy Vitolo and Jennifer Taranto

Paul Vogel

Robert Weinberg and Amy Shulman

Gerald Weinhouse and Sonia Friedman

John and Erika Alvarez Werner

Robert Wexler and Gayle Slattery

Mark Williams

Jim Wilson and Diane Pokorny Wilson

Katia Wish

Erik and Mary Witkowski

David Wolfe and Pauline Mak

Jenne Wolfrum

James and Jean Wood

David Wood and Elizabeth Ferry

Jeffrey Wulfson and Melissa Langa

Li Xie

Jamie Yadoff

Junrong Yang

Gregory Yannekis

Nick Yoder and Jenny Tam

Hisako and Nobuya Yoshida

Jae Young You

Qian Yu

Jimmy and Melissa Yu

George Zahka and Elizabeth Gorman

Ludovica Mottura and Michele Zanini

Andrew Zelermyer and Daniel L. Romanow

Shan Zhou

Huijuan Zhou

Eric Zizza and Chenling Lin

Up to $99

Anne Abber

Ghidey Abraham and Eptsam Sebhatu

Jason Adkins and Karen Kraut

Jonathan Aleshire

Bree Allen and Sarah Williamson

Martina Almeida

Gary Altman and Judith Ferber

Andrew and Wendy Ames

John T. Anderson and Rena A. Sokolow





Patrick Anquetil and Nitasha Manchanda

Gideon Ansell and Mary Rutkowski

James and Natalia Apelstein

Greig Arendt and Sharon Abramowitz

Geoff Arnold and Ann Carol Grossman

Karim Awad

James Bakum and Gioia Perugini

Amy Bayer

Douglas and Jennifer Beach

Stefanie Beaver

David Belchick and Robyn Hunter

Rachel Berger

George Bergin

Aman Bhandari and Vicki Fung

Ran Bitan and Nurit Gronau-Bitan

Micki Blou

Patricia Bondi

Hillary Booker

Mike and Joyce Bouman

Chris Boyd and Carin Aquiline

Ben and Deborah Bradley

Eran and Reut Brauner

Michael Brill and Lisa Irvings

Philippa Brousseau

Alastair Brown and Elizabeth Johnson

Helen Brown and Julie Kahn

Eileen Bruen

Matthew Buckley

Kristen Burt

Vincent Butty and Wenyu Jiang

Feng Zhang and Hao Cai

Heather Caldwell

Brian Campbell and Kim U. Dang

David and Jennifer Carballo

Tim Carey and Mary Burchenal

Ivica Ceraj and Vanja Klepac-Ceraj

Yan Chen and Biao Ren

Judy Cheng

Hai Cheng

Stephanie Chiappa

Yelena Chigirinskaya

Michelle Chin

Octavian Chiriac and Biana Rivero Kuzmina

Ted and Lorrie Chmura

Marian Chrisman

Kenneth Christopher and Clare Horkan

Xiaofei Chu

Lorrie Cirome

David and Stephanie Cohen

Gerald and Katherine Cohen

Robert Cohen and and Amy N. Ship

Zachary Cook

Matthew and Jean Cooney

Gail Corcoran

Christina Cosman

Chris Costanza and Raquel Grosman

Sandy Costello

Amy Croot

Josh Currier

Jamie Czeremcha

Dana Dalton

Meghan Daly

Mary Damkot

Ken and Cindy Dantzig

Katherine Daoust

Richard Darby

Kerry Day

Joseph and Mary Day

Dan DeBonis and Shannon McMullin

Elizabeth Decker

Matthew and Francie Degen

Donna DeGregorio

Stephanie Dehner

Brian Denitzio

Bradley Denker

Anand Devaiah and Manju Subramanian

Lingui Di

Nicholas Dials

Nina Dickerman

Rachel DiMeo

Jessi Dimock

Christine DiRienzo

Ann Dolbear

Michael and Elizabeth Donaghey

Kathereen Donnelly

Greg Donohue

Jennifer Doubilet

Keith Dresser and Jessica Silbey

Mike and Marianna Drootin

Joseph Dunn and Kate Coronges

Hao Duong and Tram Phan

Brad and Mollie Dykstra

Benjamin and Jane Ebert

Amy Ehrenworth

Nancy Ehrlich

Jack Eiferman and Fern Fisher

Angela Crawford Ervin and Dayna Ervin

Sergio Fagherazzi and Mary Burke

Families of 2Har, Driscoll school

Families of 2SC, Lawrence school

Families of 3rd Grade, Coolidge Corner School

Families of 4th Grade, Coolidge Corner School

Families and Students of 5ALL, Runkle School

Sara Farrer

Jed and Grace Fehrenbach

Jing Huang and Shao Feng Situ

Yan Feng and Shaoyong Chen

Adam Finelli

Steven and Rachel Fisch

Larry and Marcy Fischer

Bob Flaherty and Laura Montgomery

Mary Flynn

Brian Ford

Jillian Frank

Julia Freedson

Carolyn Freeman

Daniel Freink

Yair Shlomo Frastai and Hamutal Friedman

Barbara Frishkopf

Archon and Deborah Fung

Daniel and Megan Galaburda

Ziad Ghafour and Lisa Lisi

Mary Gillach

David Gladstone

Nick and Mandy Goldman

Igor Golger and Hiroko Kajimoto

Andreas Gormoll and Fran Grodstein

Michelle Gorden

Roger Grande and Deborah Kacanek

Walter Grauer

Jennifer Gray

Philip Gray and Annie Reed

Jeffrey Greenberg and Rachel Freedman

Michelle Griffin Espinosa

Richard and Hildy Grossman

Perry Grossman and Carrie James

Chunguang Guo

Ashley Haese

David A. Halpern

Andrew Halpert and Jane Kanarek

Haewook Han

Eric and Betsy Handley

Judi Hansjon

Eric Hanson

Jamie Hanson

Lynn Harris

Harvard Cleaner Corporation

Andrea Havasi

Yael Heher

Tyson Heilhecker and Jennifer Goodrich

Meghan Henagan

Derek Hersey

William Hewitt

Joseph and Elizabeth Hewitt

Derek Hibbard and Lesley Solomon

Leigh and Daisy Hochberg

Michael Hollis

Stephanie Hollowell

David and Koko Howell

Yanmei Huang and Lai Ding

Mary Hurwity

Abby Hyslip

Asako Ichihara

Ryoshin and Yoko Imai

David C. Jack and Amy S. Mayer

Sungho Jo and Yoonkyong No

Ariadne Johnas-Burk

Christopher Johnson and Carole Mitnick

Beth Jones

Kenneth and Anna Juster

Lisa Kang

Jeonggeun Kang

Glenn S. Kaplan and Diane M. Ring

Scott Kaplan and Julie Chie

Lisa Karalis

Grammenos Karanos and Panagoula Diamanti-Karanou

Joanna Karbel

Stephanie Karger

Christian Karl and Marianne Nourzad Karl

Benjamin Kelley

Peggy Kelley

Justine Kelly

Francis and Mona Kelly

Tim Kelly

Jennifer Kerner

Mary Kilkelly

Kyungwook Kim

Aramayis Kirakosyan and Ani Aslikyan

Greg Klein

Masha Kogan

Bruce and Jamie Koplan

Brad Kramer and Beth Kaufman

Leah Kronenberg

Suzanne Kuder

Jeffrey Kuniholm

Victor Kusmin and Rebecca Beroukhim

Adam and Jordana L’Esperance-Chouinard

Albert and Michelle L’Etoile

Wen-Hsing Lai

Jenna Laib

John and Kathleen Lamb

Dorothy LaPorta

Kelly Lawman

Sharon Leary

Minsun Lee

David Leifer and Marla Engel

Alison Lenk

Melisa Letterman

Amir Levi and Rotem Yahel Levi

Robert Ley and May Lee Austin

Shuang Li

Yan Li

Jiangchao Li

Ruijian Li

Sarah Lieberman

Lori Liebesman

Julie Lima

Daniela Litvin

Jianguo Liu

Bao Liu and Julia Ding

Wilson and Esther Liu

Yan Liu

Chao Liu

Dawn Ludwig

Kaiqing Luo

Douglas and Ada Luo

Aida Luszczynska

Kevin MacDonald and Francesca Stark

Ashley MacLean

Asaf Madi and Alexandra Sirota-Madi

Caitlin Mahoney

Nina Makhortova

Greg and Jessica Malkin

Kenneth Mandl and Beith Teitell

Kelly Mandozzi

Lorri Marek-Kagan

James and Donna Marohn

Stuart Marquis

Katie Martin

Stephanie Martin

Ed and Diana McClure

John McGann and Brittany Unis

 Harriet McGraw

Mary McKenna

Paul McLaughlin

James and Erin McQuaid

Jamie Meditz

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