Deadlines & other support meetings for FY2025 BEF Grants


10/6/23         Call for Idea Lab proposals


11/13/23        Idea Lab Proposals Due, 5pm

11/16/23       Idea Lab Pitches, location TBD, 3-6pm

11/21/23      Idea Lab Pitches, location TBD, 3-6pm


12/4/23          Call for Teacher & Collaborative Grant Proposals


1/10/24         Grant Information Session, 3:15-4:15 pm, Runkle School library

1/18/24         Grant Information Session, 3:15-4:15 pm, Lincoln School library

1/31/24       Concept Paper Due, 5pm (required for Collaborative Grants over $8,000)


2/7/24        Grant Writing Workshop, 3:15-4:15 pm, Town Hall

2/15/24        Grant Writing Workshop, 3:15-4:15 pm, Town Hall


3/4/24           Teacher and Collaborative Grant Proposals Due, 5pm

3/13/24        First Grant Review Meeting

3/21/24        Second Grant Decision Meeting


4/11/24         Grant Announcements by email


5/7/24         Celebrating Teachers, 3:30pm

During my 30-plus years teaching in the public school of Brookline, I have seen changes in administration, vision, systems, procedures, and educational philosophies. Through this all, the Brookline Education Foundation has been a constant. Your respect for teachers and their expertise in their fields and all matters supporting student success.

Through the years, respect for educators has declined nationally, statewide, and, unfortunately, locally, with the past three years sinking to new depths. My participation in initiatives supported by the BEF allows reflection and renewed clarity of purpose. My life’s work has been in service to my students regarding their social-emotional learning, academic success, and ability to make meaning through their artistic and intellectual pursuits. For this, I feel a sense of pride. And I thank the BEF for their unwavering support.”

Elizabeth Brennan, Art New England workshop

“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!  I gained so much from this conference and the structure of the grant proposal helped me set goals and make the most of the experience.  I also very much appreciated the grant-writing workshops before the deadline; they made the process much more interesting, social, and supported!”

Skye Shirley, Grade 9 - 12 Latin, BHS , The Society of Classical Studies Annual Conference

I would say the grant was “invaluable” and I have been sharing widely how very grateful I am to the BEF for making these wonderful learning experiences available to so many children (almost 40 total). It was easy and rewarding to work with the BEF-I felt supported and affirmed every step of the way. I loved attending the Celebrating Teachers Event, and am even more impressed by all the incredible work happening in this district. It makes me feel so proud being part of the PSB and being in a community where the priorities of the BEF can be actualized daily.”

Jennifer Maylone, Middle School Activity Groups Idea Lab grant