In 1998, an award was inaugurated in honor of Dr. Robert Sperber, to be given once every five years to an administrator in the Brookline Public Schools who best exemplifies his ideals. Dr. Sperber was Superintendent of Schools in Brookline from 1964 to 1982. This award honors an educator who evinces excellence in both administrative management and strong leadership skills that have brought about positive improvement in the school system. These are ideals that Dr. Sperber espoused and practiced.

Award Recipients

2018: Janet MacNeil, former Pre-K to 8 Science Curriculum Coordinator

2013: Vicki C. Milstein, Principal of Brookline Early Education Programs

2008: Dr. Robert Weintraub, former Headmaster at Brookline High School

2003: Barbara Shea, former Lincoln School Principal

1998: William Grady, former Director of the BHS Opportunity for Change Program