Since 1981, the Brookline Education Foundation has partnered with Runkle School teachers to continuously improve the quality of education that Runkle students receive and to foster a greater sense of community among teachers, students, and administrators.

In 2007, Runkle School was the recipient of one of the largest grants ever awarded by the BEF ­- $50,000 over a period of two years. The grant launched “Responsive Classroom,” a nationally recognized, social-emotional curriculum designed to improve social interactions, behavior, and learning within classrooms from kindergarten to grade 5.

In 2012, a follow-up grant for a program in grades 6 to 8 entitled “Developmental Designs,” was launched.  This program, featuring a new Student Advisory period, is designed to build upon the Responsive Classroom approach and to help foster stronger connections among students and staff during the difficult middle school years.

Grants Awarded to Runkle Educators

Awards Held By Runkle Educators


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BEF Parent Contacts at Runkle

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